Board of Directors

Governing our organization is one of the most critical roles someone can play at K.I.D.S. Kenya Initiative for Development & Sustainability Inc. That is why we recruit people with a variety of skills for board positions. Board Members are expected to attend and actively participate in board meetings (8-12 per year), and occasional special meetings and planning sessions. In addition, Board Members monitor the strategic plan and annual budget, assist in fundraising events and help make decisions that guide the organization’s progress. You will also participate in regular evaluation of the Board’s performance.


The roles of our volunteers vary from Board Members, to Granting Writing Committee Members, to Event Volunteers. There are several different ways to support the organization with your gift of time!

Crossing Plains, Annual Event Committee Member

Our Annual Event is held in March and is a cocktail reception. We're looking for volunteers to sit on the committee and assist with the logistics of the event such as, sponsorships, creative, selling tickets, decor, auction, etc.

Volunteer Coordinator

The Coordinator will develop and implement volunteer recruitment strategies, interview, screen and select volunteers and maintain and update volunteer files.

Community Fundraising Committee Member

The Community Fundraising Committee meets to coordinate a number of different community events such as the Burpee Challenge. We're looking for volunteers to sit on the committee and assist with the logistics of these events such as, sponsorships, creative, recruiting participants, shwag, promotion, etc.

Marketing and Branding Coordinator

This position focuses on developing new, simple, and innovative marketing materials for print, web, and social media. We would be interested in someone who could write, edit, and design their own work.

Newsletter Coordinator

This position would be in charge of writing, editing, and designing the stories to implement into our quarterly newsletter.

Annual General Meeting & Report Coordinator

We are looking for an individual to plan and execute our yearly Annual General Meeting as well as developing the Annual Report each year, this includes writing, editing and designing.

Media Coordinator

We are in need of an individual who can research local and national media, create a new contact list, develop a new innovative media sponsorship package, and write and distribute Press Releases.

Fund Development Coordinator

This position is required to research and secure new and innovative ways to raise funds through first party events, third party events, and community support.

Grant Coordinator

We are currently looking for an individual to research grant opportunities. We would request that the individual write and edit the grant proposals.

School Liaison

This individual would research and create a school contact list, connect with all schools, secure meetings and presentations. We would also like the individual to coordinate and facilitate the curriculum development group made up of teachers from all grade levels.

Photographer/Videographer (In Field)

We are looking for an individual to travel with K.I.D.S. Initiative to Kenya on our yearly distribution trips to cover the work being done. We would request that the individual pay for their own travel fees. All accommodation, food, and life-altering experiences are provided by K.I.D.S. Initiative.