The Non-Government Organization (NGO) was established in Nairobi, Kenya by a local woman, Irene Wairimu Ngatia, in 2004. VICDA was founded with the goal of helping needy Kenyans with the assistance of international volunteers in various development projects ranging from schools to hospitals to counselling programs.As the volunteer program grew and VICDA developed a positive reputation within the Kenyan community, it extended its impact by becoming involved in community development work. With the assistance of generous donors and selfless volunteers, VICDA has been able to focus their efforts primarily on the rehabilitation of street children, drilling of wells, HIV/AIDS counselling and assistance, medical camps, medical centres, child education and sponsorship. As a reaction to the political violence in Kenya that displaced more than 650,000 Kenyans, VICDA has most recently added community projects for Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s) including feeding programs and food distributions, construction of homes, classrooms and medical centres and microfinance programs to help them rebuild their lives.K.I.D.S. works directly with VICDA in order to foster relationships and coordinate both developmental and sustainable projects in their five key programs in Kenya and works one on one with both Irene Ngatia and Veronica Muthoni to accomplish these goals.Irene Wairimu NgatiaIrene is VICDA’s founder and executive director. Since founding VICDA in 2004, Irene has been committed to assisting needy Kenyans through the placement of international volunteers and development of community based projects. Irene is from Central Province, but currently lives and works in Nairobi.