Tennille Paille


Tennille Paille is a management professional who brings to KIDS Initiative a strong background in supporting municipal and board governance. With over the 10 years of her career in a management role specializing in the municipal sector providing solutions to modernize communications and transparency. Collaborating with over 200 municipalities and boards across Canada, Tennille had assisted to transform their governance and communications through software solutions. In her current role, as manager of client service for the Manitoba Land Titles acting as a liaison between the business and its customers developing strategies, policies and procedures, developing staff and coordinating with other teams to maintain budgets and carry out strategic initiatives. Her passion is continuous improvement and empowering people to innovate and create efficiency through simple solutions that advance their strategic goals and initiatives. During her career, Tennille has always been involved in volunteerism giving her time to local charities and her community. Holding various positions such as fundraising committee lead, event organizer and firefighter/paramedic. Tennille holds a certificate in Municipal Administration, certificate in Management and Administration, a certificate in Quality Management from the University of Manitoba and is currently studying French at the Universite de Saint Boniface.