Ruth Mweresa

Support Director

Ruth Mabera Mweresa is a professional with 10 years of work experience as a project accountant managing donor- funded projects. She has worked for Health Sector Service Fund Danida under the Government of Kenya's Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation as well as Kenya Power PlCs World Bank projects in Kenya. Ruth is a Certified Public Accountant of Kenya in good standing, has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance, and a Master of Business Administration in Strategic Management. Currently, she is pursuing her CPA PEP at the CPA Western School of Business. Joining KIDS Initiative as a Support Director is inspired by her passion for traveling and experiences gained from meeting people with diverse backgrounds and exploring different cultures and fostering empathy and understanding along the way. Ruth brings a deep commitment to serving underprivileged members of society, leveraging her skills in community engagement, and uplifting those in need. She has a profound sense of gratitude and a steadfast commitment to making positive change both at an individual and community level. She is honored to be part of KIDS Initiative, as it shares her values, and she is dedicated to contributing her time and talents towards achieving its mission.