What does sustainability mean to you?  

Sustainability means focusing on meeting current needs and developing the ability of future generations to meet theirs; setting them up for success; facilitating and encouraging empowerment within communities.

Tell us about the many projects KIDS has been involved with to help the GIWA Camp Shalom School reach sustainability status.

Throughout the years we have supported the GIWA Farm Resettlement IDP Camp Shalom Primary School, we were able to provide tables and chairs for classrooms for 150 students, over 1,300 textbooks, 8 toilet blocks, soccer balls, and sporting materials for over 500 students, and recently developed our food security project which will allow the school to provide a meal to each student every day!

What unique impact has each project had on the GIWA School?

The overall impact on the students and staff of the school has been providing hope for a sustainable and flourishing future. The staff know that their basic needs have been met, that they have sustainable sources for nourishing their students to give them the focus and energy necessary to learn and that they are positively impacting the lives of all the students. The students know that if they are not guaranteed a meal at home, they will receive one at school and that they will be provided with the materials, equipment, and positive environment to grow as future leaders, giving them hope for the future.

What does sustainable status mean for the GIWA Camp Shalom School?

This means that they can meet their needs moving forward through the income-generating and food providing security project.

How can we help KIDS successfully retire all current and future projects?

You can donate today at and or spread the word! Share the impact our organization has had on the communities we have worked with and encourage others to get involved!

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