The Kieni Fighters of HIV/AIDS Resource Centre (KFHA) has now wifi!

This past Saturday, October 31, the Kieni Fighters of HIV/AIDS Resource Centre celebrated a major achievement – they were able to connect to WIFI for the first time ever! To celebrate this achievement, they held a Zoom call with members of our team: Cat Ross (Founder & President), Cynthia Carr (Board Member), Tara Campbell (International Program Coordinator at EPI Research).

In 2017, less than 18% of Kenya’s population had access to the internet. Compare this to Canada, where over 92% of the population had internet in the same year, and it is clear that this is a major step. In a world that is increasingly connected via the internet, WIFI connectivity will give the Kieni Fighters access to more resources than ever before.

Written by: Carly MCAllister

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