The Empowerment of a Vulnerable Community

Alessia Guzzi, Board Member and Lead of the Educational Outreach Committe, participated in the 2020 ArcGIS StoryMaps Competition hosted by Esri and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network. ArcGIS StoryMaps is an analytical tool that integrates maps, data, and multimedia content to tell a story.

Alessia chose to highlight KIDS Initiative’s work with the Lemolo IDP Camp towards achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs, introduced in 2015 and due to be completed by 2030, are calls for action and partnership between all countries. They aim to reduce poverty and inequality, improve health and education, protect the environment, and spark economic growth through international partnership. The SDGs align closely with our mission here at KIDS, as we strive to partner with developing communities and facilitate sustainable solutions to enrich children’s lives.

Alessia’s project outlines two of the 17 SDGs – zero hunger and clean water and sanitation – and KIDS Initiative’s work with Volunteer International Community Development Africa (VICDA) and the Lemolo IDP Camp to fulfill those goals. She takes an in-depth look at how the Agriculture and Food Security Project and the Lemolo Borehole Project help the people living at Lemolo IDP Camp build a sustainable and thriving future.

Check out the full StoryMap at:

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