Official Announcement

August 2020.

KIDS Initiative Inc is pleased to announce that the Lemolo IDP Camp Borehole Project is officially complete.  As an organization, our mission is to work with developing communities by facilitating sustainable solutions to enrich the lives of children. We are extremely excited to know that today the Lemolo IDP Camp now has access to safe and clean water! 

For years the community members of the Lemolo IDP Camp -over 7,000 individuals within Lemolo A & B- were accessing water from water holes which came with many safety concerns. Now that the borehole has been completed the community will be able to drink, cook and clean using this water (which is equally as important now that we're facing a worldwide pandemic), and will be able to forever sustain their crops to ensure that their families have access to food, but also an income.

The project originally started with our Hydrogeological/Geophysical Survey Report in November 2017. KIDS had originally helped to facilitate an Agriculture & Food Security Project within the IDP Camp which allowed for every family to embark into an income-generating family business with the crops they would harvest from the seed and fertilizer, and education they each received. The families were facing concerns with overall income making it very difficult to, let alone feed their families, but also to send their children to school or find transportation in times of having to access healthcare. With the Agriculture & Food Security Project, it allowed us a chance to help facilitate a solution that would assist with a multitude of the community's original concerns. With the success of this project, we wanted to ensure long term sustainability, even during times of drought. In order to do so, the borehole project became the solution

We couldn't have done it without the help of all our donors, sponsors, partners, friends, followers and everyone that was part of this amazing project. The future is bright for the Lemolo community,  the entire team at KIDS Initiative thanks you for helping us to work with the community members in finding the most realistic and impactful solutions to empower the community to move forward independently. 

Our President & Founder Cat Ross affirms that it was impactful, in the beginning, seeing such an arid piece of land with few shelters built, most made out of logs and plastic tarps, to now seeing a growing community, houses upon houses, full lush crops.  “I have no words. I am only so very grateful that I have had the chance to meet the amazing people of the Lemolo community, share their stories, and help to bring communities (worlds apart) together for changes that are literally changing lives. What a gift!

Lemolo IDP Camp Borehole Project is officially complete, and this boosts us to continue working hard for a world where everyone lives more and suffers less.



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