K.I.D.S. Initiative first partnered with Lomas Marketing Cooperative Society (formed February 10, 2016) through their income generating project development within the Lemolo IDP Camp. We secured an Agriculture & Food Security Project allowing for land, seed, and fertilizer to be the foundation of an income generating business for every family (over 700 families) in the Lemolo IDP Camp.

This project has impacted the community greatly and is the second final project to be funded by KIDS Initiative in order to render the Lemolo IDP Camp sustainable.  This initiative and partnership with the Lomas Marketing Cooperative Society has allowed for the evolution and success of this cooperative. Most recently, Lomas Coop has signed a contract to supply various fruits and vegetables to the Unites Arab Emirates, expecting to to supply forty 40ft containers each week and will also be taking part in the Expo2020 in Dubai.

KIDS Initiative is honoured that we have had a helping hand in the success of Lomas Coop and that in turn this will go to ensure that all forms of poverty among farmers is eradicated.

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