The latest updates from the Lemolo Borehole!

It has now been over a year since the Lemolo Borehole project was completed and the Lemolo IDP Camp began having regular, reliable access to clean water. In previous posts, we outlined the progress that the Management Committee compiled in their initial report - including stories of how the community has made the borehole their own and what clean water means to individual residents. Now, KIDS has received the next report from the community-elected Management Committee, and we are excited to share this new information with our community too!

During the dry season, the borehole proved invaluable to the Lemolo community. The borehole was the only source of freshwater with a low PH, meaning that it was the only source of water fit to drink.During this year’s dry season, the borehole provided essential clean water to a population of more than 10,000 people!

Three schools are provided with water free of charge - Kimugul Primary, Sinendet Primary and Bright Hope Lomolo Secondary.The borehole is the only access to water that these schools have; this new access has been essential in keeping everyone safe and healthy during COVID-19.The borehole also means that children, especially girls, no longer need to spend as much time gathering water, allowing them more time to study. This increases their chances of staying in school, and improving their future opportunities.

The community collectively agreed to sell (and purchase) the water at Ksh. 2.50 per 20 litre container (about $0.03 CAD),which is affordable for all families. Two people, a water distributor and a night watchman, are employed by the Management Committee on 6-month contracts and their wages are paid by the sale of water. They are also saving money by using sustainable and renewable resources, such as using solar panels to provide energy for pumping water.

The Management Committee, along with the rest of the community, is already thinking of future improvements to the borehole.These include, building a watchman house and installing security lighting to protect the valuable borehole, as well as completing the fencing and getting a phone.

In just one year, the borehole has changed the daily lives of the Lemolo community by reducing the amount of time required to find and haul clean water. Reliable access to clean drinking water in a nearby, safe environment means that children can spend more time in school and parents can more easily provide for their children. The borehole has not only created jobs for people needed to run the borehole, but also created opportunities beyond the borehole site, as community entrepreneurs deliver water to people outside Lemolo.

The input and work done by the Lemolo community drove this success, but none of this would have been possible without the generous support of our donors. Without your support, the Lemolo Borehole would still be an idea - now it is a reality!


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