Lemolo Borehole Community Meeting

Earlier this month, the Lemolo community held their Borehole Community meeting. Attendance was strong, showing just how much the Borehole is a community effort that many members are committed to supporting.

At this meeting, the Management Committee publicly reviewed the 2021 Progress Report. They summarized the revenue generated from the sale of the water. This revenue is reinvested back into the Borehole, as it supports the salaries of certain workers as well as providing the funds needed for upgrades, repairs, and maintenance to ensure long-term sustainability.

They also announced the 2022 Annual Work Plan. This includes many upgrades, including improving the water collection point, adding security lights and a watchman’s house, and performing general maintenance. The Work Plan also included plans for taking water to be tested in a laboratory to certify its quality, and for research into how the efficiency of the solar power system could be improved.

The Lemolo community also took this opportunity to thank the KIDS Initiative and VICDA teams for their support in mobilizing resources and drilling the borehole, as well as all of the donors who made sacrifices and went the extra mile in providing donations. Without this generous donor support, the Lemolo community would not have had this chance to thrive.

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