Kieni Fighters of HIV/AIDS training

On October 15, the Kieni Fighters of HIV/AIDS Resource Centre (KFHA) hosted a training conducted by our partner supporting the evaluation on the ground in Kenya, the Institute of Global Public Health.

The KFHA staff were trained on how to complete registration forms for future participants of the program. The staff will now go to 21 villages in Kieni to identify the 150 women and girls that will be participating in the project.

Although Kenya has made major strides in recent years to lower the numbers of new HIV infections, the country remains the fourth-largest HIV epidemic in the world. Universal approaches to treatment have reduced prevalence rates among the population as a whole, but stark gender disparities remain.

Women in Kenya are disproportionately impacted by HIV/AIDS. Of the 1,400,000 adults in Kenya living with HIV in 2019, 62% of them were women. That same year, women aged 15 and older represented 63% of adults newly infected with HIV.

KFHA will help address the structural barriers that increase HIV/AIDS risks for women and girls through workshops on sexual and reproductive health, gender quality, and entrepreneurship, as well as access to HIV/AIDS testing and treatments, and more. It is a combination prevention program that holistically addresses the behavioural, biomedical, and structural risks of HIV/AIDS infection for women and girls in Kieni, Kenya.

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Written by: Carly MCAllister

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