KIDS Initiative in Featured in MCIC Newsletter

This month, KIDS Initiative was thrilled to be featured in the newsletter from the Manitoba Council for International Development (MCIC). As part of the preparation for the launch of MCIC’s yearly Holiday Gift Guide (stay tuned for more information on that), MCIC’s Ben Dearing sat down with KIDS Initiative Founder and President, Cat Ross, to learn more about what makes KIDS so special.

In this interview, Cat describes how the uniquely charitable spirit of Manitobans in general, and our donors specifically, has contributed directly to life-changing initiatives in Kenya. Hear her speak on what motivated her to start KIDS and why we continue to stay true to our original goals. By remaining a small, grass-roots organization made up solely of volunteers, we can dedicate donations to working with smaller communities that can struggle to be noticed by larger charities and NGOs - thereby filling a gap that allows us to directly create a world where everyone lives more and suffers less.

We were thrilled to be able to present KIDS and our work to a wider audience, and thank both Ben and MCIC for this opportunity.

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