KIDS at The Spur Change conference!

KIDS at The Spur Change conference!

Next week, March 9-11, Cat Ross, KIDS Founder and President, and Annette Green, previous KIDS Board Member and current teacher, will be presenting at the Spur Change conference, One Step Back, Two Steps Forward: Human Dignity Post-COVID. As part of a panel on Building Engaging Collaborations for Global Citizenship Education, Cat and Annette will discuss how Small and Medium Organizations (SMOs) and educators have formed partnerships in global citizenship activities and programs while creating innovative and successful relationships.

The Spur Change conference brings together Canadian SMOs, educators and youth so that they can learn and develop innovative and creative approaches and best practices. This year’s overarching theme is on Human Dignity, with a focus on addressing gender equality and the empowerment of women. Human dignity, the idea that every person is uniquely valuable and deserving of the highest respect and care, is important now more than ever, as the global pandemic has exacerbated other concerns such as food insecurity, access to health services and educational opportunities and women’s workplace participation. As these issues intersect and impact each other, they threaten both women’s rights and human dignity.

While registration for this year’s conference is closed, consider registering next year if you are a local educator or SMO!

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