In 2014, I had the privilege of travelling with Cat Ross on a distribution trip with K.I.D.S Initiative. Before leaving, I only had a faint idea of what my experience in Kenya would be like and shortly after arriving, it was clear that it would be nowhere near what I had in mind; the entire trip was nothing short of life-changing.

As a Human Rights graduate from the University of Winnipeg, I had learned of poverty and unequal distribution of wealth and resources around the world; but learning from lectures, textbooks and documentaries was clearly not enough to truly comprehend. During my tour in the slums of Kibera, I gained a deeper understanding of the issues that affect the lives of Kenyans. Touching the mud walls of their homes, hearing the children laughing as they played, seeing the confined spaces of where they lived - it was all so overwhelming, truly granting me perspective on the life I live in Canada.

While in Kenya, I was able to visit each of KIDS' programs and saw first-hand the positive effects that this charity has, not only on the programs as a whole but on each individual child and person. I couldn't be more proud to have been a part of this amazing opportunity and I will always cherish my experience with KIDS in Kenya.

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