Chronicle of Egg-Vents

Since construction completion in September 2022 to having a financial and technological advancements in Summer 2023, the Borokwony Women’s Group Chicken Hatchery in rural Kenya has KIDS’ staff in Winnipeg and project leaders in Kenya presently “egg-cited" for the future. With the project at ninety percent completion, 1,000 chicks will soon be hatched every 21 days that will lead to income support for the group via egg production and hen selling. This plan was not simple as cracking an egg, the project “egg-volved” via “cooping” monthly funds, coupled with effort and “hen-durance” on Winnipeg and Kenyan ground, spearheaded by KIDS’ grant writer, Cynthia Carr, and project leader in Kenya, Irene.

Fall 2022

Commencing in September 2022, with the construction phase completed, the Borokwony Women’s Group chicken hatchery needed everything from veterinary medication, chicken feed, to electrical and hydrological equipment and infrastructure. Almost $31,000 had been invested by KIDS Initiative from March to August 2022, and the group required the essential internal components to act as the heart to give life to the external structures of the chicken hatchery. KIDS Initiative’ board review of the chicken hatchery concluded adequate organization and leadership required to run the project. In the following months, a golden egg would soon be laid and hatched in Winnipeg in the form of a donation grant.

Spring-Summer 2023

 (C)Luckily for the development of the hatchery, in March ‘23, a donation grant that was requested to and approved by the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC), a group responsible for distributing Manitoba Provincial Government funds to non-profit international projects. Having this monetary support strengthened the basket KIDS Initiative placed the eggs in for the future of the Borokwony chicken project. From these funds, hatched favorable developments for in the summer from building materials being purchased, banking accounts for the women’s group, social media communication between Winnipeg and Kenya and occupational roles created and organized for the women.

  Such project progress parallels the purpose of KIDS Initiative: “To relieve poverty in developing nations by developing and implementing sustainable food and water solutions”. By creating an independent, dependable food and financial development system at a present time of high inflation, the Borokwony Chicken Hatchery delivers the future generations of this women’s group in Kenya with the resources to feed and fund themselves. Within a matter of months, via funding, effort and training, its “egg-staordinary” development for the future of the chicken hatchery of the Borokwony Women’s Group. 


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