Volunteer International Community Development Africa (VICDA)

The Non-Government Organization (NGO) was established in Nairobi, Kenya by a local woman, Irene Wairimu Ngatia, in 2004.  VICDA was founded with the goal of helping needy Kenyans with the assistance of international volunteers in various development projects ranging from schools to hospitals to counseling programs.  

As the volunteer program grew and VICDA developed a positive reputation within the Kenyan community, it extended its impact by becoming involved in community development work.  With the assistance of generous donors and selfless volunteers, VICDA has been able to focus their efforts primarily on the rehabilitation of street children, drilling of wells, HIV/AIDS counseling and assistance, medical camps, medical centres, child education and sponsorship.  As a reaction to the political violence in Kenya that displaced more than 650,000 Kenyans, VICDA has most recently added community projects for Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s) including feeding programs and food distributions, construction of homes, classrooms and medical centers and microfinance programs to help them rebuild their lives.  

K.I.D.S. works directly with VICDA in order to foster relationships and coordinate both developmental and sustainable projects in their five key programs in Kenya and works one on one with both Irene Ngatia and Veronica Muthoni to accomplish these goals.

Irene Wairimu Ngatia 

Irene is VICDA’s founder and executive director.  Since founding VICDA in 2004, Irene has been committed to assisting needy Kenyans through the placement of international volunteers and development of community based projects.  Irene is from Central Province, but currently lives and works in Nairobi. 

Geoff & Regan Archambault, Century 21 Advanced Realty

Geoff is married with two children, Zach and Abby. He has been successfully selling real estate since 1991 with his wife Regan joining him in 2007. Geoff & Regan are very active in their community and were born with the innate need to give back to others. They have both played integral parts on many boards throughout the years and have supported numerous organizations both through their financial support and giving back their time. Geoff & Regan traveled to the field in Kenya in 2016 to first hand witness the projects that K.I.D.S. have been supporting.  Seeing how little can do so much in Kenya has renewed their support of the organization. Geoff is happy to be involved with K.I.D.S. since it's inception and in supporting Cat Ross with her goals.

Brittany May

Volunteer work has always been something I've wanted to do. Being such a passionate person I had to find the right organization for me. Real inspiration hit when I found a slip of paper with my grandmother's handwriting scrawled across it, it read, "do not be so heavenly bound that you are no Earthly good." Those words have stuck in my head since I first read them. We need to make a difference here and now.

I found out about K.I.D.S. from watching the 2015/16 Distribution Trip video and I was touched by the passion and commitment that Cat Ross shows for these communities and the work that she does. 

I'm a graduate of the Creative Communications Program in Winnipeg, Manitoba and a Public Relations Major. I currently work as the Website and Social Media Coordinator for a National retail company and I love what I do, so much so that she wanted to help out here at K.I.D.S. Initiative as the Marketing & Branding Coordinator.


My name is Monique and I'm an international lifestyle photographer, specializing in intimate weddings and boudoir portraiture. Growing up my family had a dark room in our basement. I remember pulling up an old wooden chair and watching my dad take film and develop negatives into beautiful images. That feeling of creating beauty and story through photographs is at the heart of who I am. I've photographed yoga celebrities, professional athletes, thought leaders and wonderful people who aren't any of those things, too. Above all, my inspiration comes from connecting with my amazing clients on a real level.My work has brought me to various countries all over the world. When I'm not shooting weddings, I like to try expand my portfolio with projects that satisfy my sense of adventure and passion for philanthropy. My most recent travel project was working with an NGO in Kenya, documenting humanitarian work with IDP Refugee Camps, HIV/Aids clinics and primary schools in secluded rural areas. I have two dogs (children!) – Rosie & Jim (both rescues!) and have a deep love for rap music and living a balanced lifestyle. Yoga and wine at the same damn time kind of approach to life!


Amanda is a qualified Chartered Accountant who loves giving back to the community around her. At a young age, she was actively involved in her local 4-H club, eventually sitting on the regional and provincial councils. Upon moving to Winnipeg after high school, Amanda became involved in the Manitoba 4-H Ambassadors and numerous associations at the University of Manitoba, including the St. John’s College Students’ Association, the Asper Co-operative Students’ Association, and the Asper School of Business Commerce Students’ Association.

After graduating from university, Amanda spent six weeks volunteering at a children’s summer camp in Ukraine. This experience and her travels throughout Europe helped demonstrate to Amanda just how fortunate we are here in Canada, and strengthened her desire to help out those who are not quite so lucky. Because of this, she is very excited to be a part of K.I.D.S. and to watch the impact that it brings to the lives of the people in the communities it visits.


North South Consultants

North/South Consultants Inc. (est. 1981) is a Canadian-owned company specializing in the aquatic environment. The company has extensive project-related experience in freshwater, estuarine, and marine environments in geographical areas ranging from the Canadian Arctic to the South Pacific. The company serves clients in the electrical, oil and gas, transportation, pulp and paper, agriculture, and mining industries, as well as government, First Nations, and community organizations.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
— Edmund Burke




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After seeing the great work Cat and KIDS Initiative are doing, we are proud to support this empowering organization.  The work they are doing isn’t just a handout to people who need it.  It’s enabling them to be self-sufficient.  I can’t think of a better gift.
— David Cusitar


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WiBand is proud to support KIDS Initiative not only because they provide resources to communities in dire need, but because they are creating opportunity and hope for hundreds of families of a future free from poverty.
— Jen Kennedy



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Knowing how much people give in our amazing city and community has given us hope and inspiration to do the most that we can offer. K.I.D.S. Initiative has given our company inspiration and helped us realize how truly thankful we all should be. When we have someone that we know using 100% of donations collected and applying them to directly to the necessities for the ones that need it the most then report back with evidence and proof gives no doubt in our minds that we have selected a charity for life!
— Richard Ross