School Fundraising and Educational Programs

School involvement will create a large portion of our fundraising dollars yearly, September through to June.  We will be asking schools involved with our education program to develop a fundraising campaign within their school.  Specific fundraisers will be at the discretion of individual schools; however we will support their efforts with guest speakers, promotional material, and other relevant requirements.


K.I.D.S. offers Canada’s corporate community a variety of ways to support children’s futures globally. 

  • Sponsorship: Will seek corporate sponsorship where appropriate for signature events
  • Employee Giving: Engaged corporate partners will be offered the opportunity to support K.I.D.S. through a program whereby their employees will donate a set amount from each pay cheque.  The structure of such programs will be largely determined by existing employee giving programs in each corporation.
  • Cause-Related Marketing Promotion: Will provide companies with the opportunity to contribute a portion of the sales of a specific product or service to K.I.D.S. 


  • Third Party: We can provide fundraising tools such as pledge forms and budget worksheets to facilitate third party fundraising for corporate partners and community members.
  • Merchandise Sales: K.I.D.S. Initiative has authentic Kenyan merchandise for sale.  These sales will be made online or at community events.


  • Memorial Donations: The memorial program comprises of making a gift in memory of a loved one who has passed away. A sympathy card will be sent to the family or friends the donor designates.
  • Tribute Donations: The tribute program allows people to celebrate a special occasion in the life of a friend, family member or colleague. A personalized card will be sent to the honoree on the donor’s behalf.
  • General Donations: General donations can be made as a gift in the donor’s name in support of development and sustainability programs.
  • Monthly Giving: A monthly gift is an agreement to donate once per month to K.I.D.S. Initiatives development & sustainability programs.

Signature Event

We hold an Annual Cocktail Reception & brand new in 2015 will be our intimate dinner prior to our Annual Cocktail Reception. Revenue will be generated by ticket sales, auctions, and raffles.